LxData™ System is part of the OmniWell™ Reservoir Monitoring Family from Weatherford. The OmniWell family provides solutions for all types of wells–both conventional and unconventional. With both electronic and optical options, the family’s monitoring choices provide the right sensing system for the specific needs of each well. It includes solutions for measuring pressure, temperature, vibration, multiphase flow, permanent seismic, distributed temperature and multipoint thermocouples.

Weatherford’s LxData systems leverages  unique optical sensing technology to provide reliable well monitoring solutions and high quality data. Weatherford develops, installs and supports reliable optical multi-point pressure and temperature monitoring systems to permit oil and gas producers to enhance operational efficiencies, improve recovery and lower their over-all operating costs.

The LxData multi-point distributed measurement system is an effective reservoir management tool providing real time pressure-temperature data. With dynamic real-time reservoir monitoring, information can be extracted and can be used as critical input into reservoir exploitation and management decisions.

Advanced Ultra-High Temperature Fiber Optic Technology

Building on Weatherford’s successful track record in reservoir monitoring, the LxData system incorporates a breadth of features. They include:

  • High-capacity-fiber Bragg grating technology
  • Pressure and thermal sensing on a shared fiber or instrument
  • Real-time, synchronized and correlated pressure and temperature data
  • Configurable, high-density, multi-point thermal sensing through an optical thermocouple
  • Integrated 1/4-in. slimline optical pressure temperature gauge
  • Scalable, integrated pad-level monitoring for producers, injectors, observation wells and electric submersible pumps
  • High-value visualization and modeling tools
  • Continuous remote health-monitoring capabilities with self diagnostics and performance assessments