About Weatherford's LxData™ System

LxData: Unleashing the Colors of Light for Maximum Reservoir Performance.

At Weatherford, we provide proven and reliable photonic solutions that assist reservoir and production engineering teams acquire critical sub-surface data and provide valuable information to better understand the sub-surface and the associated uncertainty. With dynamic real-time reservoir monitoring, information can be extracted and can be used as critical input into reservoir exploration and management decisions.

Ground-Breaking Technology for Manufacturing Distributed Harsh Environment Sensing Cables Based on Fiber Bragg Gratings FBG Components

We have a long history of innovation, our ground-breaking technology for manufacturing reliable Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) sensing cables, LxData, has made us the supplier of choice to leaders in the oil and gas industry. Our intelligent software platform provides operators with real-time monitoring of reservoir data through the integration of critical parameters. Dynamic reservoirs can be modeled to help in improved decision making and reduced risk management associated with the reservoir operation.  

Leaders in FBG Sensing

We are the leading experts in FBG technology, so it is only fitting that we are poised to become the leading provider of FBG sensing solutions. We have unlocked optical sensing technology and simplified it to the point where we can make comprehensive, reliable optical solutions available to the oil and gas industry, where they can generate value for those who adopt them.

Quality, simplicity, and reliability are what define our optical sensor solutions in the Oil and Gas industry. We work closely with our customers to create adapted solutions in which the optical portion of the application is transparent. Our customers keep working the way they've always worked...

Leadership in Action

Most of all, we are leaders in innovation. We have developed a unique and patented technology platform that enables us to construct reliable sensing cables for providing temperature and pressure data.

Existing systems are inadequate to provide sensors applications cost-effectively in inhospitable conditions. Through our unique technology platform, we can deliver the benefits of optical sensing while addressing the shortcomings of existing products.

Optical sensing is a technology that knows no limits, and our sensing solutions are blazing its trails in the oil and gas Industry.

Our solutions aim to address industry priorities: improving return on capital, reducing operational expenses and enabling market leadership and differentiation.

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