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The Benefits of Optical LxData™ Monitoring Solution

Weatherford has created a powerful FBG based optical sensing solution permitting operators to achieve better asset utilization / management, lower CAPEX and OPEX, and reduced environmental impact

  • Proven FBG optical monitoring technology
  • Long lifetime well monitoring solution
  • Data for reservoir and production engineering
  • High value visualization and simulation tools
  • Applied for best practices in SAGD/CSS
  • Accurately characterize/monitor steam distribution and chamber growth during startup and production
  • Determine flow profile to optimize steam injection
  • Preemptive location of potential steam breakthrough

The Benefits of Optical Sensors

Weatherford has unlocked the power of optical sensors, so that the oil and gas industry can reap the benefits of these sensors. A revolution in sensing, head and shoulders above electronic sensors, optical sensors deliver:

  • LxData Multi-Pont Sensor Arrays Unlocking the power of optical sensors to provide benefits unmatched by electronic sensors.
  • Reliability: Proven reliability in the most extreme conditions with ratings to 572°F (300°C), far beyond standard fiber optic sensor ratings.
  • Accuracy: Precise design provides instantaneous readings without relying on averaged return readings from fiber.
  • Longevity: Designed for 15 to 20 year service without wear-out phase, including diagnostic sensors that recalibrate should chemical changes occur to the fiber.
  • Simplicity: Completely passive sensors require no electrical power or adjustments (fine tuning). Limited handling and minimal components and moving parts make LxData sensors very stable.
  • Robustness: Immunity to electromagnetic interference and resistant to corrosion, chemicals, water and lightning provide an ideal solution for harsh, complex environments.
  • Flexibility: Can be used in conjunction with components of the OmniWell™ reservoir-monitoring product family, including specific location temperature, pressure, seismic, acoustic and multiphase flow.
  • Adaptability: Ability to cover short or long distances, inches or miles, depending on your application.

Weatherford’s LxData system features combine to create a thermal and pressure-monitoring solution providing more powerful pad-level architecture than distributed sensing architecture. The integration into a central interrogation and processing unit and a full suite of horizontal/vertical/specialist sensing strings deliver a real-time, pad-level representation of your thermal environment for advanced imaging, reservoir modeling and ultimately, process optimization.

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