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Steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD)

Steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) has emerged as the most economically attractive thermal recovery process. Thermal monitoring all along the SAGD well-bore is required to enhance efficiencies and reduce environmental impact of these operations, however conventional monitoring tools such as thermocouples are difficult to scale, or in the case of legacy fiber optics, are challenged to operate reliably in the high temperature SAGD environment. Weatherford has introduced the LxData™ thermal monitoring system based on proprietary optical sensor array technology that addresses these challenges, offering full representation of the well-bore with unrivaled data quality and service life. The LxData platform allows for flexible placement of sensors to achieve real-time, 3-dimensional thermal profiling of the well. Such thermal monitoring over time allows for a step change in visualization and simulation tools to augment SAGD production, leading to significant improvements in production efficiencies and economics, and reduction of carbon emissions and land/water use.

To date, more than 100 LxData systems have been successfully deployed in North America, including more than ten customers in the Alberta oil sands, where it has been field-proven to improve operational best practices, reduce
operational costs and enhance safety.

Drawing on these successes, the LxData system enables operators worldwide to:

  • Manage data in real time at the well, pad, or field, including data for reservoir and production engineering
  • Characterize and monitor steam distribution and chamber growth accurately during startup and production
  • Determine flow profile to optimize steam injection
  • Identify potential steam breakthroughs
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