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LxData™ is a state of the art powerful optical thermal monitoring system for extremely harsh down hole environments. The key challenges of providing quality instrumentation in extremely harsh environments is related to long term reliability of the downhole sensing cable, instruments and the data quality and accuracy over the long term due to drift. Degradation of basic materials such as glass in high temperature high hydrogen environments is one of the fundamental challenges faced by all optical systems. In addition to providing a unique, patented technology which has been developed and validated for these extreme environments, Weatherford has also architected and implemented a system architecture with accompanying service offerings that provides customers years of peace of mind and effortless assurance that In Situ measurements are being made reliably and with high accuracy.

LxData Ultra High Temperature Multi-Point OTC-OPTICAL THERMOCOUPLE real-time, high temperature, multipoint sensing system;

  1. For improved reservoir production efficiencies.
  2. Lowers operational costs and improves recovery in SAGD steam management and in-situ thermal process.
  3. Can be configured for permanent installation during conditioning and completion periods.

The OTC-OPTICAL THERMOCOUPLE series of multipoint temperature cable is designed to provide continuous temperature measurements at definable points along it length. To guarantee long term accurate operation in extreme temperatures and in harsh environments the OTC-0PTICAL THERMOCOUPLE applies advanced technologies in optical sensor production, fiber processing and rugged cable construction.

LxData Ultra High Temperature OPT P/T Gauge

The LxData fiber optic pressure-temperature OPT gauge provides a step change in reliability and performance in the measurement of pressure and temperature in harsh down-hole environments.

By using multiple factory calibrated miniature optical sensing elements inside the P/T gauge, accurate temperature compensated pressure and temperature the customer benefits from calibrated compensated and validated Pressure and Temperature data from the well to the desktop.

Product Guides

LxData Product Guide (PDF)
LxData Product Guide Electronic Submersible Pump (PDF)


LxDATA Optical Monitoring System

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