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A Revolution in Quality, Reliability and Flexibility

Unconventional oil reserves such as the Alberta oilsands represents some of the largest known oil reserves in the form of a thick tar-like substance called bitumen. Recovery of bitumen requires non-conventional recovery methods such as surface mining and thermal recovery. In-situ thermal recovery, in which bitumen is heated in place to mobilize and recover it, will play an increasing role in oil production planned in this sector over the next decade and beyond. Steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) has emerged as the most economically attractive thermal recovery process. Thermal monitoring all along the SAGD well-bore is required to enhance efficiencies and reduce environmental impact of these operations.

Weatherford has introduced the LxData thermal monitoring system based on proprietary optical sensor array technology that addresses these challenges, offering full representation of the well-bore with unrivaled data quality and service life. The LxData platform allows for flexible placement of sensors to achieve real-time, 3-dimensional thermal profiling of the well. Such thermal monitoring over time allows for a step change in visualization and simulation tools to augment SAGD production, leading to significant improvements in production efficiencies and economics, and reduction of carbon emissions and land/water use.

Advanced Ultra-High Temperature Fiber Optic Technology

Building on Weatherford’s successful track record in reservoir monitoring, the LxData system incorporates a breadth of features. They include:

  • High-capacity-fiber Bragg grating technology
  • Pressure and thermal sensing on a shared fiber or instrument
  • Real-time, synchronized and correlated pressure and temperature data
  • Configurable, high-density, multi-point thermal sensing through an optical thermocouple
  • Integrated 1/4-in. slimline optical pressure temperature gauge
  • Scalable, integrated pad-level monitoring for producers, injectors, observation wells and electric submersible pumps
  • High-value visualization and modeling tools
  • Continuous remote health-monitoring capabilities with self diagnostics and performance assessments
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