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LxData™ Suite Overview

LxData is a state of the art and very powerful optical thermal monitoring system for extremely harsh down hole environments. The key challenges of providing quality instrumentation in extremely harsh environments is related to long term reliability of the instruments and the data quality and accuracy over the long term due to drift. Degradation of basic materials such as glass in high temperature high hydrogen environments is one of the fundamental challenges faced by all optical systems. In addition to providing a unique, patented technology which has been developed and validated for these extreme environments, Weatherford has also architected and implemented a system architecture with accompanying service offerings that provides customers years of peace of mind and effortless assurance that In Situ measurements are being made reliably and with high accuracy.

Our goal is to provide a full turn-key solution so our customers can focus on using accurate data to optimize production and steaming processes, not using their time to learn how to deploy, use and maintain or calibrate complex new equipment. Through a remote network connection and our suite of services, Weatherford manages this complexity for you.  

Local Connection

Data is seamlessly transferred into the customer data base over a conventional MODBUS interface, or tailored to suit the customer's database interface needs...

Remote Connection

To benefit from our system and basic warranty, the customer must provide an internet connection link to the MCC cabinet. Security access is controlled and all raw optical data transfers are completely encrypted.

By providing a system architecture with full remote service capability Weatherford is able to provide enhanced levels of support to avoid the need for customer interaction, customer intervention and customer training on the system and equipment. Our customers can focus their time on production optimization not on instrument control and maintenance and on data quality control and validation.

Remote Link Services

RLS Basic Included: Remote SW downloads, 3 month data buffering local and remote for all sensing cables. Data buffering and storage is provided both locally in the MCC cabinet and remotely to ensure that important data can be recovered in case of equipment failures, fires or other events that would otherwise result in loss of important data.

RSL Cable: Additional periodic quality reports, life time assessment reports and re-calibration can be purchased on demand, quarterly or annual basis for each cable. Recalibration files are generated, validated and downloaded into your system. Power monitoring, Hydrogen aging & drift monitoring are all analyzed by our team of optical scientists. On demand, quarterly or yearly quality assessments on a per cable basis, aging report, hydrogen drift assessment and re-calibration.

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