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Weatherford is setting the standard for advanced optical sensing and is committed to producing sensing solutions of the highest quality and reliability for the most demanding operating conditions of the oil and gas industry.

Weatherford has introduced the LxData™ thermal monitoring system based on proprietary optical sensor array technology that addresses these challenges,

LxData: One Platform for Pressure and Temperature:

The LxData solution has been designed to simplify and cost-reduce the operations environment associated with instrumenting SAGD wells. Through one integrated platform, LxData gathers real time synchronized and correlated pressure and multi-point temperature measurements for all Pad applications. The LxData solution uses one data acquisition unit housed at a customer designated MCC room to monitor both temperature and pressure for applications such as Horizontal Producer and Injector well monitoring, ESP pump monitoring, and Observation well monitoring. Through an optimized PAD level architecture, the customer can achieve flexibility in his downhole instrumentation decisions. Integrated fiber optic based Temperature and Pressure Sensing cables can be designed and deployed when and where required in a plug and play fashion. All downhole sensors use the same technology for temperature and are monitored by one system that easily connects to the customer databases. The LxData solution offers the possibility of full representation of the well-bore with unrivaled data quality and service life. The LxData platform allows for flexible placement of sensors to achieve real-time, 3-dimensional thermal profilling of the well. Such thermal monitoring over time allows for a step change in visualization and simulation tools to augment SAGD production, leading to significant improvements in production efficiencies and economics, and reduction of carbon emissions and land/water use.


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